Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jumbo Thong

Though the title may attract some folks searching for something other than the history of Izard County, it is appropriate for two reasons. This thong tree stands along Jumbo Road...and it is humongous! Clearly, it's the largest we've encountered in the years we've been Exploring Izard County! The "nose" of this very large trail-tree points directly towards a large spring about a quarter mile away.

The EIC Crew is working on producing at least one video to be published soon which will look a bit more closely into these living artifacts we're finding around the county. We're working on a theory that this tree along with several others we've found along Jumbo Road is an indicator that this road lies along an ancient Native-American footpath. It's even very possible that this was the route taken by Col. John Benges Detachment which escorted the Cherokee through Izard County in 1838 during the Indian Removal. We will offer evidence for that in the upcoming video.

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