Saturday, December 11, 2010

Robinson Cemetery

The Robinson Cemetery is located just south of Boswell along the Wideman Creek Hollow. It sits on land donated by my own Vines ancestors and is actually the resting place of another set of my G-G-G Grandparents, Enoch and Sarah Daugherty Vines. The couple migrated to Izard County a few years after the Civil-War, Enoch having served with the 28th Alabama Infantry Regiment. His unit participated in several engagements including those at Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge. Apparently, Enoch Vines deserted the CSA in mid-December, 1863 only to return to his unit in early January. I'd like to think maybe he just wanted to spend the holidays at home!

Another U.S. veteran buried here is Francis M. Turner who served during the Spanish-American War. His Troop 'E' of the 3rd U.S. Cavalry participated in the siege of San Juan hill and fought near Theodore Roosevelt's Rough-Riders. They also fought closely with the 10th Cavalry - otherwise known as the Buffalo Soldiers!

Another Civil-War vet, David M. Robinson, is resting here. Robinson died from old battle wounds after returning home from the war as a 24-year old . His Son, David A. Robinson, is buried nearby and was born the year of his father's death.

While we were visiting the cemetery, our friend Tara, a Jeffery descendant, told us that (Young) Jesse Jeffery might be buried there but that no marker bore his name. Many will remember from A.C. Jeffery's writings that Young Jess, the brother of Jehoiada, once shot a man in order to protect his father, Old Jim Jeffery. The ensuing saga of Jesse's fugitive-status and trial in Little Rock when a posse of Jeffery family and friends led by Jesse's uncle and namesake, Old Jess, descended on the city determined to save his kin has become one of the most colorful events in Izard County's History! Credibility to the possibility that Young Jess is resting in the Robinson Cemetery lies in the fact that Emmanuel Jeffery, Young Jess's youngest child, is buried there.

The cemetery is at a beautiful isolated location and is the final resting place of some very important pioneers.

Enjoy the photos below!

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