Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Lunenburg Saloon: Dismantled, Moved!

On Saturday, September 25th, a group of around a dozen hearty individuals with a desire to see one of Izard County's historical treasures preserved met at the site of the Old Lunenburg Saloon to dismantle the old relic and move it to the grounds of the Lunenburg Community Center where it will be rebuilt and restored. For many years, people have talked about the need to preserve this important piece of Izard County's history and culture and on Saturday, a very big step was taken to finally follow through on the talk. Although the task of actually getting the building moved has now been accomplished, the hard work lies ahead as the logs are to be repaired, replaced, and preserved before the work begins on reconstruction.

While the repairs are being made and replacement logs sought, the Lunenburg Community Center Association will begin raising money to pour a concrete slab which the Saloon will eventually rest upon, buy the materials for the authentic cedar-shake roof, for period-style furnishings, and for any other costs created by the project...including upkeep of the building.

We hope you or your business will support this effort to preserve Izard County's history by donating to the Lunenburg Community Center Association. You can do so by contacting Roger Harvell at:
or via e-mail at:

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