Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old Jumbo Store

We've long wanted to stop and get photos of the old Store building at Jumbo. We stopped a couple of years back and asked the owner if we could do so and were outcome we have only experienced in one other case since we started blogging about our adventures. The reason was that the old building was crammed full of junk...the outside of the building cluttered with piles of trash.

During the past year, the owner passed away and the property is in the process of being cleaned-up. Jim and I took the opportunity to stop and get a few shots of the place a couple of weeks back so we could better document this site. Though the inside has been stripped of the original furnishings (including the old post-office), we feel it is important to have the store on our site.

Jumbo was a bustling community during the first part of the 20th century having at least two stores and a large water-powered mill on nearby Mill Creek. The old one-room schoolhouse still stands about a half-mile or so from the existing store and the old Jumbo Church of Christ building is proudly perched next door to the store.

A personal note - My Great-Grandfather, Jasper Garland Vines, purchased his wedding rings from this store in 1919.

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