Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ready to Rumble?

Civil-War Re-Enactment Today at Lunenburg!

UPDATE! New Photos from Day 1 added below!

UPDATE 2 ! Video Added!

If you're looking for something to do today or tomorrow, you need look no further! Join us at Lunenburg today and tomorrow for the first-ever Civil-War re-enactment in the county. The event will commemorate the January 1864 Skirmish at Lunenburg when T.A. Baxter led a Union patrol through Izard County and encountered a large group of Confederates under the command of Colonel Freeman of Freeman's Regiment. The running battle took place along Rocky Bayou and Cooper Valley.

Several re-enactment units from Arkansas and Missouri have set-up camp at the Old Lunenburg Schoolhouse and will be performing the re-enactments at 2PM on Saturday and 1PM on Sunday!

The event is free to the public so grab your friends and family and come out to witness this unique event that we hope becomes a tradition for Izard County!

Following are photos from the camp as the groups began arriving and setting up along with more photos from Saturday's performance.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

The introduction scrolling moved a little to fast for me to read.
Other wise it was great! All most like being there.

Al-Ozarka said...

Perhaps you're referring to the video above, and yes...I apologize for the scrolling.