Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Calico Rock Museum

Following are photos from the recently-opened Calico Rock Museum in Calico Rock. At the time these shots were taken, the museum was being temporarily housed in the back rooms of the Calico Rock Chamber of Commerce Building on Main Street. Since our visit there in April, the Museum has acquired the Rand Building on Main Street and is now in the process of preparing it for exhibits. While the new facility is being prepared, the exhibits are still available for viewing at the Chamber office.

We have been informed that the Rand Building will be opening to artisans and craftspeople on Tuesday, July 27th, who will demonstrate their crafts and offer their products for display and purchase. The Artisans and Craftspeople will be utilizing the facility during the Museum transition.

We'll let our readers know when the Museum has completed its move to the new space and announces its opening. We encourage you to stop by to visit the museum and see the works of local artists and craftworkers.

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