Sunday, June 20, 2010

Listed: Arnold Springs Farmstead

Video Below!

A happy announcement for our readers' delight: The Arnold Springs Farmstead in Melbourne has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places!

All of us at EIC have felt, since the first visit we made to the Arnold House and its surrounding Farmstead, that the site is one of the most important historic locations in the county. This pre Civil-War farmstead consists of a two-story, double-pen, dogtrot home constructed of large square-logs similar to the Wolf House in Norfork along with several original out-buildings including a square-log Mule-Barn very much like the Rector Log Barn just north of Melbourne. Also on the property is the healthy gushing spring known as Arnold Springs. As an added bonus, a thong tree stands only feet from the dwelling and points directly at the spring.

This place has a long history possibly dating back to French ownership. We have actually seen one map indicating that this spring was home to a French Trading-Post as early as the 18th Century.

The listing on the National Register is a welcome development! Armed with its new status, the landowner and organizations seeking to preserve this important link to Izard County's early history and culture will have many more doors opened to them in the form of grants and funding!

Following is a video containing footage we got this past March just after the site was nominated for consideration. EIC has held back on publishing this new footage until the listing had been announced.


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Homer Crook, said...

I would like to take photos of the Arnold House and would like permission to go on the farmstead. Who would I contact to go on the property? Also I have many pics from Izard, Independence, sharp, Lawrence,Baxter,Marion, Stone, cleburne, Newton,Madison,Washington,Benton,Searcy,Van Buren,and most counties across the Ozarks.