Sunday, December 13, 2009

Combs Cemetery

Combs Cemetery, located near Melbourne on Jumbo Road, was established in 1883 by way of a donation of land from Robert Combs. Mr. Combs' wife, Elizabeth, was buried here in 1887.

This cemetery is important to us here at EIC for a very important reason. In it rests close family members of the EIC Crew including both of Rick's parents, Jim's Dad, and several generations of my own family (G Grandparents-Vines, GG Grandparents-Neel, and 3 sets of GGG Grandparents-Neel, Kidwell, Mynatt)

Actually, my GGG Uncle, James C. Mynatt, who is the brother of William Mynatt who I found at the Shell Cemetery a couple weeks back, is buried here with a Civil War plaque marking his grave. The brothers, James and William, were both members of the 37th Kentucky Mounted Infantry during the War Between the States. Union Soldiers, in fact!

The 37th Kentucky was responsible for protecting the Glasgow area of Kentucky and did so brilliantly by repelling Morgan's Raid and participating in the Battle of Saltville.

The earliest birth date I found while visiting this site was that of James M. Rush (1808), a lawyer by profession.

William K. Estes is also resting here and served as Izard County Clerk for many years during the latter part of the 19th Century into the 20th.

This Cemetery is lovingly maintained and hosts a gazebo and it's own chapel.

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