Saturday, May 10, 2008

Knob and Dogwood (Spring Fever Update)

Spring means busy. Between softball,baseball, community theater, EIC events, work, graduations, and weather...we've had little time to get out and explore. That will change soon!

In the near future, we are planning to visit a couple of spots we've been wanting to document for over a year. One is Hobo's Den...a hidden-hollow with a shelter at a creek-mouth on the White River long used by those folks for which it is named. The other is Standing Rock, a three-acre bolder along upper-Piney Creek that sports a natural bridge somewhere on its massive hulk. Both promise to be a treat for us...and for you.

We've also met the owner and long-time operator of the old P.O. Wren Store at Lacrosse. He told us that if we give him a call, he'll take us over to the old building and allow us to get photos of the interior which is absolutely CRAMMED with interesting items from the past! All the shelving is still attached to the walls as are the old counters attached to the floor. Various items of tack and supplies still adorn some of the old shelves. This will REALLY be something you'll want to see!

So...keep popping in to see what the crew is up to. And watch your e-mail as we are cooking up some more good activities we can enjoy together. With fuel costs as high as they are, a good healthy "staycation" may be just what the doctor ordered this summer-season!

Also - For those of you who would like to contribute to the restoration and upkeep of the Old Schoolhouse at Lunenburg, you can send your donations to:

Lunenburg Community Center
HC77 Box 510
Melbourne Ar 72556
C/O Mary Loggains

This address will appear on our sidebar from now on along with a link to a page I've set up for the Lunenburg Community Center.

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