Saturday, March 01, 2008


Here are the promised shots of Lunenburg. The old Schoolhouse recently received a rural grant block program check for $21, 579 to go towards the restoration of the building thanks to the work of several people including Eudell Smith and EIC reader, Jen Grimes...who grew up in the community. Jennifer went to Little Rock with a group led by Senator Miller to attend the presentation of the grant check in the State Capitol. Governor Mike Beebe presented the check to the group along with Senator Miller.

In the large photo of the cistern "head", the remains of the front steps of the old wooden school building can be seen.

The remaining photos are indicative of the ghost-town qualities of the old community of Lunenburg. Included is a photo of the old store at Lunenburg taken by Jen Grimes before it was lost. I remember as a youngster peering in through the window of one of the old stores in Lunenburg and seeing a dusty old Model T Ford parked within.

This is the site of the old schoolhouses in Lunenburg. The old wooden structure stood just beyond the stone wall in the corner first approached in the video.

The stone structure, which still stands, was built by members of the community who shared the labor in order to share the pay. The building, along with it's sister in Mount Olive, were funded by back taxes levied against the Missouri Pacific Railroad back in the day. They served the Hidden Creek School District.

Several of these stone buildings still exist...most are featured on the site. The Lunenburg Schoolhouse has a sister. The Schoolhouse at Mount Olive is almost an exact copy of this one and will be featured on the site later in the week.

If you know any of those who are working desperately to have some of these old buildings recognized and Eudell and Jennifer, give them a big hug and a "thank you" from us at EIC!

You can see our slideshow at our new page!

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Nicole (Acklin) Rooney said...

Thanks for making this blog. I lived in a trailer next to the cabin in picture number 9 when I was born. I moved away when I was four, but when I visited last year, I could still drive to the cabin, and the schoolhouse, community center then, from memory. Thanks for the memories, God bless you.
Nicole (Acklin) Rooney