Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Trip Up Tanner Hollow

I took a Sunday Afternoon Drive this week. Just out of the County Seat, Melbourne, there is the remnants of a road used for generations until only recently (last 20 years). It was a main thoroughfare of the county at one time, linking Melbourne and central Izard County with Guion (originally "Wild Haws Landing"), on the White River.

The road (trail, actually) is only about a mile long and runs up an interesting hollow complete with a stream running within a few feet of the "shoulder". A wonderful delight for those who make the short traverse up the track (better have a pick-up, at least!) is the lush fern-growth hanging from the bank that is the hill-side of the trail for most of its length. The Tanner Hollow road is located about four miles down Highway 58 (Guion Road) from where it leaves Highway 69 near Sage.

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